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Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are used on alomost all foam roofing today.  We have found in the Colorado climate, the acrylic coating products to be the most cost effiecient.  However, the silicone coatings also perform very well in the Colorado climate.


Elastomeric coatings can also be used alone to extend the life span of many roofs, especially metal roofs.  In situations where additional insulation is not a concern, coatings alone can give a low cost alternative to extend the lifespan of certain roofing materials.


On metal buildings, it is also a way to make update the looks of your building while it adds a waterproof layer to the top of the metal decking.

Before and after metal roofs.

The metal roof restoration includes:

  tightening and caulking the roof fasteners.

  sanding any loose rust scale.

  using a rust retardant primer if needed.

  using a fibergalss mesh and coating over all seams.

  applying the elastomeric top coating ovjer the entire roof surface.


Other benefits of elastomeric coating include:



   Energy savings

   Cooler roofs

   Cooler building interior

   UV light resistant

   Algae resistant


   Prolongs roof life

   No costly tear offs of old roofing

   Weather proofing

   Meets EPA standards

   UL Approved



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